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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baking Withdrawals

Well friends, my goal was (and still is) to post to my blog at least once a week... Obviously I have yet to reach that goal but I promise I'm trying!

In the last post I mentioned that "SunniSweets has officially been food-spirated!!!" or something like that. Now I realize that I have yet to prove my food-spiration, but there really is a good reason for my non-blogging (and non-baking). Besides getting adjusted to my new schedule here at school, I haven't even gotten settled in my apartment yet! I'm currently crashing at a friend's place until everything gets situated.

So you can understand why I'm having baking withdrawals right? I'm feeling out of place, stress with classes are mounting rapidly and I'm unable to indulge in my number one stress reliever. :(

But don't doubt me just yet!

Within the next couple of weeks I should be posting regularly, getting more followers, and BAKING... with pictures to prove it!!! However I must warn you, my picture taking skills are definitely no where near the many "expert" food bloggers. I seriously doubt that you'll be commenting on how great my photography skills are.

Anywho! I shall return soon to get this thing goin'! Making this the best blog of your life!

Well, probably not... but I'm sure I've just always wanted to say that...